Water treatment plant in Arteixo
6/18/13. Installation of an uptake water treatment plant for a flow of 30 m3/h in an industrial complex, in Arteixo (Galicia, Spain).

Pumping equipment in canning industry
11/1/12. We install for a leading canning factory different equipments of AZCUE PUMPS, for the collection and distribution of process water of their plant. The design of the control panel with variable speed drives provides to the installation the versatility that the customer demanded and high energy efficiency.

DEPURSAN 200 Camporriondi (Asturias)
4/17/12. Sewage treatment plant for urban wastewater by DEPURSAN 200 biodiscs, pretreatment with coarse and fine grid, primary decanting tank with 20,000 liters, purification biodiscs DEPURSAN 200, sludge clarifier-thickener of 11,400 liters and pit sampling.

Blower Gandario
2/16/11. Installation of a blower with soundproofing cabin for total oxidation treatment plant. Replacing old blower for emergencies.

Depursan Pereiro Aguiar
11/10/10. STP for urban wastewater by DEPURSAN biodiscs, located in a concrete tank. Removable semi-cylindrical GRP cover with grating windows for ventilation.

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