Sectors of activity

icono  Shipbuilding

  • - Fisheries sector
  • - Oil ships, chemical tankers ships
  • - Off-shore

icono  Industry

  • - Aquaculture
  • - Canneries
  • - Waste managers
  • - Refrigeration
  • - Irrigation
  • - Mining and quarrying
  • - Textile
  • - Paper Industry

icono  Towns

  • - WWTP
  • - SWT
  • - Pupply

icono  Energy

  • - Cogeneration
  • - Thermal power stations
  • - Combined cycle
  • - Solar thermal plants
  • - Biomass plants
  • - Geothermal plants

SANDE Y DIAZ, based in Galicia, sells, installs and manufactures industrial machinery. We are specialized in pumping equipment, water treatment process for all types of industries and wastewater treatment for small towns.

Founded in 1975, from its inception the company sells industrial equipment for the shipbuilding industry and land sector: AZCUE PUMPS, compressors, engine spare parts, etc.. In 1985, expanding the product range and service, we began to specialize in water treatment. In 1995, we produced the first biological treatment system, called DEPURSAN, which saves 80% of the energy consumed by a conventional water-treatment plant. In 2008, we successfully fulfilled generational change in the company, getting new blood that has managed to make a leap into new markets and new services related to the environment.

The great deal of experience gained over these years enables SANDE Y DIAZ to offer technical advice and to provide the most adequate solution for each case. In the firm, there is a tradition of commitment to quality and customer, which is reflected in their loyalty.

                  Telf: (+34) 981 174 209                            Fax: (+34) 981 174 472                    e-mail: sandeydiaz@sandeydiaz.com