6/21/16 From SANDE Y DÍAZ - WATER TECHNOLOGIES is a pleasure to announce our new line of products for disinfecting water by ultraviolet radiation, thanks to a distribution agreement with Danish firm ULTRAAQUA. Highlights: - High efficiency UV lamps Ultratherm, guaranteed up to 16,000 hours of operation. LONGEST LAST IN MARKET. - Its sophisticated high frequency electronic controllers are constantly receiving information from the Ultratherm lamps and dynamically adapt to ensure optimum performance when temperature conditions change. - Energetically efficient. The combination of the Ultratherm lamps and electronic controllers from Ultraaqua are the most efficient in the world, resulting in a large energy savings. - Control panels with touch screen giving you easy access to the relevant information, and possibility of connection to a SCADA system. - Optional fully automatic washing lamps system. - Optional Sensor Ultraviolet Önorm. Ultraviolet disinfection systems. Different equipments for different needs. Feel free to contact us for further information.

12/31/14 A self-priming unit extracts air from a turbine suction of a not self-priming pump. Provides an opportunity for a centrifugal pump, with its advantages of simplicity, reliability, long life and good hydraulic performance, becoming a self-priming pump. SANDE Y DIAZ has AZCUE priming equipment which are automatic operation, with independent self-priming liquid ring pumps, air ejectors or portable systems for use in main pumps of any brand.
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Quality policy of SANDE Y DÍAZ
3/13/14 SANDE Y DÍAZ main principles and aims are to satisfy costumer´s needs and expectations, as well as to promote the Quality Management System and a continuous improvement in all the processes. Moreover, we work to minimize pollution and environmental impact that may generate our Company´s activity. Because of that, we have a quality management integrated system based on the Norms ISO 900:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. It is our main goal to offer a better service to the costumers as well as to the society.

SANDE Y DÍAZ´s heat exchangers
2/7/14 SANDE Y DIAZ has a complete range of heat exchangers or tube bundles compatible with multiple brands, suitable for all applications in cooling or heating liquid - liquid, designed water, oil or diesel oil cooling by means of fresh water or sea water. Spare parts are also manufactured if a sample is available. It is a vast range of devices equipped with easily removable tube bundles to simplify maintenance or inspection and studied for maximum heat transfer. Applications such as cooling of marine engines, gearboxes or hydraulic systems, oil cooling, hydraulic machinery circuits or overall water cooling in industrial processes, are possible. SANDE Y DÍAZ´s Technical Services are at your disposal to advise you in choosing the most appropriate heat exchangers that suit your needs.

SYD at Purification by Biodiscs
1/8/14 Last december 2013 was celebrated in Extremadura (Spain) the Session "Purification by Biodiscs" as part of the Conference “Economic Wastewater Purification Facilities for Small Populations”. SANDE Y DÍAZ participated on the Session, that deal with all important aspects of the Rotatory Biological Contactors (RBC) Wastewater Technology, a technology that we have developed in SANDE Y DÍAZ with our sewage treatment system DEPURSAN. The aim of the event was to analyse the feasibility and suitability of this technology for purifying wastewaters at small populations. During the different talks, it was pointed out the great advantages of this technology such as "cost effectiveness" and the "small need of civil work", as well as it was showed different companies´ experiencies working this facilities.

SANDE Y DÍAZ drinking water treatment
10/22/13 SANDE y DÍAZ presents their drinking water treatment plants for industrial and domestic use adapted to every need and consumption with operation and maintenance cost effective. They use the most effective and reliable processes such as reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, electro deionization and systems based on new technologies. All this equipment is totally automatic, with a very low operation and maintenance costs, reducing cost per cubic meter of treated water. Our plants are compact to ease transportation, assembly and put into operation. Furthermore, SANDE Y DÍAZ offers plants encased within sea containers to facilitate the shipment and save civil works costs. For a better control, we also offer equipment for Communities and Municipalities supplied with electronic card holder system, being able to fix a water quantity needed by their inhabitants.

Pumping station in Porto do Son
9/6/13 Since the summer of 2013 the neighboring of the galician village Porto do Son enjoy sewerage service, thanks to the installation and commissioning of the pumping A Ornanda made by SANDE Y DIAZ. The pump station is ready for three sewage submersible pumps of 11 kW of power and includes boiler of 90 mm in diameter, thick gabion stainless steel, valves, and electrical panel with GSM remote alert system. In addition, the company has been commissioned other pumps stations in the area that took more than two years without work, and let use for the first time this infrastructure.

More than 80% satisfaction
6/25/13 As part of its Quality policy based on ISO 9001, SANDE Y DIAZ has conducted a survey of customer satisfaction among the most important clients of the year 2012, with the aim of measuring their valuation. The results show more than 80% of overall satisfaction with our products and services. The concept worst score, with 65%, has been the price of our products, while our customer service is valued at 95% satisfaction. The most abundant comments highlight the professionalism and involvement of SANDE Y DIAZ with clients and our ability for Incident Resolution. This data helps us to keep working and identify areas for improvement to provide better service.

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