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  • Ultrafiltration


    • The process of ultrafiltration with capillary membranes has 3 stages:
    • Filtration: The feed pump supplies water to the system so that all the flow is filtered.
    • Hydraulic Wash: Is removed from the surface of the membrane all the contaminants that have accumulated in the filter.
    • Chemical Wash: It is performed every 72 washes hydraulic. Eliminates microbiological contamination and pollutants resist hydraulic washing.
    • Membranes can be grouped, forming racks up to 20 units., Constituting facilities adapted to the particular needs of production.
    • Reverse Osmose pretreatment.
    • Treatment plants for removal of viruses, bacteria and organic compounds.


    • Wastewater Treatment, tertiary for water reuse.
    • Mineral water purification.
    • Food Industry, juice purification, etc.
    • Pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology for enzymes concentration, pyrogen removal, etc..

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