Product list >> WATER TREATMENT: Ultraviolet disinfection
  • Ultraviolet disinfection


    • From 1 to 100 m3/h.
    • Fast and reliable disinfection in seconds, by ultraviolet radiation that kills unwanted bacteria and viruses.
    • Lamps ultraviolet (UV) of long durability, a year and a half, high germicidal power.
    • Automation control system of the correct dose of UV sophisticated.
    • Optional chemical cleaning system that removes organic and inorganic incrustations.
    • Easy installation equipment and simple maintenance.


    • Disinfection in water treatment systems of wastewater for municipal and residential.
    • Disinfection in swimming pools.
    • Sterilization in cooling towers.
    • Sterilization in the food and beverage industry.
    Ultraviolet disinfection

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