A wide range of pumping equipment, water treatment and sewage purification systems

Experts in water technologies

Azcue pumps

Pumping systems

A wide range of pumping equipment to transport any type of liquid from small well pumps to pumps with flow rates of up to 4,000 m³/h

Bernoulli selfcleaning automatic filters

Water filtration

Water filtration equipment
to filter any type of liquid from small cartridge filters to automatic self-cleaning up to 7,500 m³/h

Measurement and fluid control

  Measurement and fluid control

Wide range of instrumentation for measurement and control of water and ATEX material for extreme environments

Dosing pumps

Dosage systems

Complete systems for dosing and control of chlorine, PH, redox and combinations, dosing pumps, agitators, regulators, installation kits

Ultraviolet disinfection

Water treatment

Complete water treatment systems and plants: drinking and sea water, catchments, process and industrial water, rainwater, black, gray and waste water

STP sewage treatment plants

Sewage purification

Technologies for urban and industrial wastewater, treatment in agriculture industry, tanks, separators, pumping wells, biodisc treatment plants

ABC compressors

Air pressure equipment

Air compressors for starting engines, pneumatic transport or applications in food industry and equipment for pressurized air in general

Industrial machinery

Industrial machinery

Heat exchangers, chillers, fresh water generators, electric motors, turbines and blowers, tanks and reservoirs, valves and all kinds of accessories

Azcue pumps SANDE Y DÍAZ



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Azcue pumps


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Azcue pumps
Azcue pumps


High quality standards recognized by LLoyd's Register ISO certifications

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ISO 9001: 2015

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ISO 14001: 2015

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Naval industry




Docking Services

Naval engineering



 Beberage & Wine


Fish processing


General industry

Paper and textile

Waste managers


Water cycle


Drinking water treat.

Wastewater treat.

Water engineering

Energy industry

Power Plants


Solar & Renewables

Other industries

Mining & Metals

Cooling Towers




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Latest News

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Cyclonic Separators by Bernoulli

The basic principle of a cyclonic separator is to remove settle-able solids, such as sand, from liquids

A cyclonic separator is not a filter since there is no screen element to filter out the particles, separation is ensured by centrifugal force

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The need for selfpriming systems

Extracting air from a turbine suction of a not selfpriming pump

Provides an opportunity for a pump, with its advantages of reliability, long life and high performance, becoming a selfpriming pump

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SANDE Y DÍAZ´s heat exchangers

SANDE Y DÍAZ has a complete range of heat exchangers compatible with multiple brands

A complete range of heat exchangers or tube bundles compatible with multiple brands, suitable for all applications in cooling or heating

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pumping equipment , water treatment and sewage purification

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