"Knowledge becomes obsolete, but wisdom passes from generation to generation.
We appreciate wisdom"
Hirotaka Takeuchi

Who we are

                              SANDE Y DÍAZ  is the specialist in pumping equipments since 1975 for naval and industry applications. We offer products and comprehensive solutions in water treatment, fluid control, and wastewater purification, providing personalized and professional attention to both minor assignments as to larger projects

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From Galicia to all over Europe

SANDE Y DÍAZ is a private owned Galicia-based company that provide industrial machinery mainly nationwide but also all over Europe. The main markets we address are marine industry, food and beverage industry, aquaculture, general industry, and water and wastewater players.

Integrity steers all our thinking, behaviour and the way we nurture the relationships with our customers. We supply products and technologies based on the highest quality standards, certificates and approvals, for the most demanding industrial environments. Our commitment to the customer is reflected in its loyalty.

Integrity, quality and customer focus

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Over 45 year experience

Our great accumulated experience working with pumps, water treatment products and fluid control instruments, advising our clients and solving multiple practical problems, endorse our professionalism and allows us  to offer technical advice and provide the most appropriate solution for each case.




The company is founded by Mr. Sande and Mr. Díaz, who had long technical experience in machinery for the naval sector. They provided very valuable technical advise to the first clients

Bombas Azcue SA
Representation agreement is signed with AZCUE PUMPS as their first agent in the world. This is how these reliable and prestigious marine pumps are incorporated into our scope of supply 

Water treatment
The specialization in products and services in water treatment begins with the first projects in land-based industries: filtration, deferrization, anti-corrosion treatments, ...

Leaders in pumps
Continued hard work and know-how position our company and Azcue Pumps as leaders in the shipbuilding market, in our area of influence, with a market share close to 90%

Generational relief
After years of preparation there is a successful generational change in the management of the company. The new management promotes new projects in the environmental sector

Our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by Lloyd's Register certified Quality and Environmental Management System ensures the quality and efficiency of our operations, as well as the environmental awareness

Bernoulli System AB
Partner agreement with the Swedish manufacturer for the distribution of automatic self-cleaning filters and cyclonic separators 

Geographic expansion
With the help of new European partners and attendance as exhibitors at international fairs in the water sector, our target area is extended to all of Europe in products for water filtration and disinfection


Professional Advice

providing the most suitable option for each case

Customers Trust

only top quality and certified equipment

After-sales Service

serving customers throughout the product life cycle

12 months Warranty

peace of mind against any manufacturing fault 

Process Engineering

solutions in fluid management for industrial processes


we take care of everything on your water treatment project

Original parts

  that guarantee reliability and long service life


large stock to shorten delivery times on spare parts and small pumps

Problem solving

experience help us to make good decisions 

Repair Service

for all our partner marks

Specialists in

pumping equipment , water treatment and sewage purification

Feel free to contact and let us know what we can do for you