SANDE Y DÍAZ designs and executes comprehensive water treatment projects adapted to each type of water and tailored to customer needs

Ion exchange systems for water hardness removal

Ion exchange systems for salts, iron, manganese and arsenic removal

Low salinity water production systems for industrial processes

Clean water at a lower costs by mean of membranes

Ultimate intake water biosecurity for aquaculture, industry or municipal

The most natural, safe and efficient way to treat water 

Water treatment  tailored projects

Industrial water disinfection

Potable water purification plants

  • Design and manufacture of custom water treatment plants

  • Design and implementation of purification systems for the elimination of salts and pollutants from surface, underground, brackish and sea waters

  • Modular, scalable and ready to go water purification and disinfection systems

  • Desalination systems and reverse osmosis plants

  • Pre-treatment and post-treatment systems

  • Monitoring and control equipment for water treatment plants

  • WWTP maintenance systems for surface or well water

Water recovery systems

  • Recovery, filtration and disinfection of rainwater from roofs, concrete or ceramic floors, runoff, etc. for legal reuses

  • Large scale and commercial rainwater harvesting systems

  • Systems to reduce suspended solids and microbiological contamination

  • Save on rising water costs, reduce your carbon footprint and become a sustainable property

  • Supplying full rainwater harvesting systems including underground tank, pressure pump, self-cleaning filter and control cabinet

  • Smart user functionality that ensures high water quality

Anti-corrosion treatments

  • Treatments for prevention of corrosion in stainless or carbon steel, copper and aluminum conduction systems

  • Systems for dosing corrosion inhibitors, mainly based on phosphates, which will protect your metallic pipes and pumps

  • Solutions for galvanic corrosion and oxidation in pipe and pump systems

  • Water softening and demineralization

  • Filtration systems for the removal of suspended matter, corrosive products, oxides and sludge

  • Solutions to remove the corrosive oxygen from the water, either by mechanical or chemical deaeration

  • The standard package is delivered complete with rust and scale dissolving filters, suitable for your particular piping system

Specialists in

pumping equipment , water treatment and sewage purification

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