A wide range of water filtration systems to filter any type of liquid such as strainer filters,  automatic self-cleaning filters or cartridge filters and filtration gradients from 10,000 to 0.5 micron

The most innovative cyclonic separation solutions

The original automatic industrial filter by Bernoulli Systems

Strainer filters and Y filters to protect your facilities

Pressure filtration to achieve optimum results

Cost effective filtration systems for water treatments

Fully automatic multilayer filters in plastic material with multi-way valve

Single and multi-cartridge containers in stainless steel, fiberglass and polypropylene

High quality and performance cartridges for the most demanding applications

Housings in stainless steel and polypropylene

To remove large particles from a liquid in industrial applications

For continuous uninterrupted flow applications

Protecting domestic, collective, industrial and agricultural sanitary water systems

Submersible self-cleaning filter for water catchments

Designed for the recovery and use of rainwater

Self-cleaning filters for perfect filtration with minimum maintenance

Bernoulli automatic filters
Bernoulli automatic filters

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Bernoulli System

A reliable filter with an ingeniously simple design that ensures continuous, safe operation year after year. With a wide range of multi-basket, single basket and manual Bernoulli filters and centrifugal separators.
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