High quality pumping systems for any application - naval, industrial or municipal - to transfer any type of liquid - from sea water to tomato sauce with pieces of squid - and flow rates up to 4,000 m³ /h and pressures up to 600 bar

Efficient and Standardized pumps according to DIN 24255

Pumping liquids containing air or gas with high suction power

High discharge pressures at low rotating speed

Convert a centrifugal pump to a self-priming pump

Assembled on small spaces as suction and discharge flanges are in line

Very efficient for low viscosity fuels, oils and lubricants

For clean water, wells, sewage and bilge applications

High performance for clear liquids in buildings or industry

Suitable for fluids with low to extremely high viscosity

Both vertical and horizontal models to handle liquids with high solid contents 

The most reliable, flexible and efficient pumps on the market

From sea to ship, from ship to port

Smooth and continuous pumping for fluids with suspended particles

For marine, oil and diesel, and engine cooling applications

The perfect pump for your pool delivering reliable performance

Quick, easy and safe extraction of liquids from drums

Equipment for food-processing, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Pumping without losses or emissions and with total safety

Piston pumps for up to 1,000 bar pressure pumping applications

For pumping corrosive, abrasive or highly viscous products

For circulating, transfering and pumping your hazardous chemicals

Double suction pumps in horizontal and vertical executions

Azcue pumps authorized dealers
Azcue pumps authorized dealers

Authorized dealers
Azcue Pumps

Azcue Pumps has a variety of high quality pumps to match your individual use case, with a wide range of pump types to choose from including variations in orientation, priming capabilities, motor configuration or suction method among other things

Specialists in

pumping equipment , water treatment and sewage purification

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