Pressure tanks
and vessels

Hydropneumatic accumulators, anti water hammers, expansion vessels, compressed air deposits and hydrophor tanks for water collection, installations for drinking water supply, heating and cooling circuits, fire fighting groups or naval and offshore applications

Tanks and vessels

Pressure · Anti-waterhammer

Pressure and anti-waterhammer tanks

  • Wide range of hydropneumatic accumulators, expansion vessels and pressure vessels

  • They allow greater durability of the pumping group

  • Significant energy savings by reducing the number of pump start-stop operations

  • Accumulators with fixed or replaceable diaphragm

  • Materials: painted steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel

  • Drinking water supply facilities

  • Anti-waterhammer systems

  • Pressure groups for drinking water supply

  • Expansion vessels for A.C.S.

  • Boiler accumulators

  • Buffer tanks for solar energy

  • Compressed air tanks 

Tanks for hydrophore pressure sets

  • Hydropneumatic tanks without diaphragm in stainless steel

  • Installation with surface or submersible pumps

  • Maximum working pressure 8 bar and 5/30°C

  • Capacities between 80 and 3,000 liters 

  • Use on ships, naval installations and offshore platforms for the supply of drinking water

  • Technical water or fire fighting systems supplies

  • Fresh water systems that need to maintain the entire water circuit with adequate pressure avoiding frequent starts of the system pumps

  • Supply of buildings with plants at such height that the water pressure in the supply network is not sufficient to guarantee its supply 

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