The need for selfpriming systems

Extracting air from a suction turbine of a not selfpriming pump

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A self-priming unit extracts air from a suction turbine of a not self-priming pump. Provides an opportunity for a centrifugal pump, with its advantages of simplicity, reliability, long life and good hydraulic performance, becoming a self-priming pump. SANDE Y DÍAZ has AZCUE priming equipment which are automatic operation, with independent self-priming liquid ring pumps, air ejectors or portable systems for use in main pumps of any brand.

VAC-4 & VAC-6 Systems

They are liquid ring pumps, high suction power - up to 8 vertical meters - made of bronze, with stainless steel shaft, fitted with filter and check valve.

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VP Ejectors

The VP ejectors require only compressed air to operate. The supply air flow is accelerated to
circulate inside the ejector creating a vacuum, and thus a removal of air from the suction pipe which pump connects.

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Prime equipment with water boiler

It is also systems with pumps having a 25 liter boiler steel for water recirculation functions. These autonomous systems allow continuous operation.

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Typical applications of these systems are those where a fully guaranteed operation of the main centrifugal pumps is desired, either for liability services or after long periods of inactivity, such as:

  • Fire fighting services

  • All kind of marine applications

  • Water capture in aquaculture, refrigeration facilities, ice factories, etc.

  • Water supply in general

  • Ballast and bilge