Control instruments and panels

Control instruments and complete pre-assembled dosing panels for the measurement, control, analysis and dosing of chemical parameters and products in water and wastewater treatment applications, swimming pools, fish farms and cooling towers

Control Instruments Nexus Series

Single, dual and multi-parameter controllers

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Individual or multi-parameter control electronic instruments for the measurement of pH, chlorine, redox, bromine, tubidity, peracetic acid, oxygen or chlorine dioxide 

  • Intrument recognises the buffer solution (pH and Redox) and completes the calibration

  • Analogue and/or digital outputs and imputs or manual control

  • Alarm reporting and data storage

  • Temperature compensation

  • Intuitive menus and simplified programming

  • Electrodes washing programming (some models)

  • High-precision management of multiple applications in water treatment

  • Cooling tower control systems

  • Reverse osmosis process and wastewater treatment

  • Fish farm chemical dosing

Control Panels

Pre-assembled dosing systems

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A wide range of panel assemblies made of chemical resistant plastic material with multiple configurations of dosing pumps, control units, filters, probe-holders, probes and other accessories. Ready for immediate installation and use

  • Example: electronic panel for pH and redox control

  • Includes: electronic control unit, probe holder, pH and Redox probes, flow sensor, filter, filter holder, flow regulation valve and two dosing pumps, as well as wiring and tubes

  • Standard or custom made

  • Swimming pool and spa controllers

  • Cooling tower control systems

  • Water and drinking water treatment

  • Treatments against corrosion, dirt and microbiological and environmental contaminants

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pumping equipment , water treatment and sewage purification

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