Peristaltic dosing pumps

The incredible durability and wide-range of chemical compatibility of the high-performance tubes used by our peristaltic pumps, offer suitability to a vast range of chemicals and liquids. Outstanding dosing accuracy is achieved via intuitive analogue and digital control along with high-precision stepper motors

Peristaltic pump Nike Series

Analogue and digital pumps

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Analogic or digital peristaltic pumps for dosing chemical products with or without regulation with fireproof and anti-acid polypropylene casing, suitable for viscous liquids. They have high resolution trimmer for speed regulation and variable speed 10 - 100%, guarantering linear and repeteable dosing in all process conditions

  • Timed dosing and batch function version

  • Santoprene tube

  • Flow rates up to 10 L/h

  • Pressures up to 3 bar

  • Swimming pool treatment and maintenance

  • Spas, showers, foot wash and essences

  • Dosing of flocculant, anti-algae and air conditioning

  • Gaseous or viscous products such as flocculants, additives, coagulants or disinfectants

Peristaltic pump Nike Step Series

Special for micro dosing

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Peristaltic pumps for exact dosing, with stepper motor, special firmware for micro-dosing and direct coupling. Ideal for solving problems such as incrustations due to the presence of minerals in the water, corrosion due to contact between water and metal pipes or bacterial contamination due to the growth of microorganisms present in the water

  • Stepper motor technology

  • Accurate dosing and micro-dosing mode

  • 6 different configurations: manual, mA, ppm, 1:N, N:1 and batch

  • Accurate reliable and ultra quiet <35 dB

  • Flow rates from 10 ml/h to 10 L/h

  • Pressures up to 4 bar

  • Suitable for dosing gas producing chemicals

  • Micro-dosing

  • Biocide dosing

Peristaltic pump Bio Series

Constant, proportional or temporised dosing systems

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Two models available: constant and proportional dosing system with current signal input (0 ÷ 20 mA) or frequency for proportional dosing, and timed dosing system with weekly clock 

  • Timed peristaltic dosing systems with daily or weekly programming

  • Tank level control

  • Dosing speed regulation via software

  • Flow rates up to 10 L/h

  • Pressures up to 1.5 bar

  • Water treatment for swimming pools

  • Hydrogen peroxide dosing

  • Flocculant and essences dosing

  • Dosing with weekly timer

Peristaltic system Elite Series 

Digital control

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Digital system for pH / Rx or chlorine control with two peristaltic pumps, available with Schuko plug, with independent measurement of the indicator levels and coordination of the pumps with each other

  • Ranges 0 ÷ 14.00 pH / 0 ÷ 1000 mV Rx

  • Flow rates up to 5 L/h

  • Pressures up to 1.5 bar

  • pH, Redox and Chlorine digital control

  • Chemicals regulation in indoor and outdoor swimming pools

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