Electric agitators

A wide range of fast or slow electric agitators, mixers and emulsifiers, for mixing chemicals and preparing solutions with a high level of homogeneity, in the field of water treatment, with low viscosity liquids or polyelectrolytes preparation, and in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or chemical industries

Industrial agitators and mixers

Agitators · Mixers · Emulsifiers · Micronisers · Blenders

Vertical agitators

  • Fast mixers at 1,400 rpm and slow at 200 rpm

  • Flange attachment, shaft and propeller in PVC or AISI316L

  • Shaft lenghts up to 1,100 mm

  • Propellers with 2, 3 or 6 blades

  • Reagent preparation or mixing

  • Dilutions, solutions, homogenizations and stirring of mixtures

  • Agitation, homogenization and product maintenance

  • Agitation of dosing tanks, dispersion of reagents and powders, maintenance of mixtures and dissolution of solid products

  • Suitable for liquid with very low viscosity, on tank or basins of medium capacity

  • Water treatment

  • Polyelectrolyte preparations

  • Mixing of chemical reagents or preparation of solutions

Lateral agitators

  • Compact structure, high efficiency

  • Stable transmission

  • Low noise

  • Easy disassembly

  • Agitators with industrial, food or sanitary finishes

  • Can get the highest mixing effect

  • Wine, food and dairy industries

  • Water treatment, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries

  •  Homogenization of wines, liquors, alcohol, beer, spices and flavors in pickles, vegetable oils, fats, sludge, slurries, etc.

  • Wastewater treatments

  • Maintenance of products and suspension

  • Mix of aromas, additives, preservatives, etc.

Mixers and emulsifiers

  • Emulsifiers for high shear rates in emulsions and dispersions

  • Bottom entry emulsifiers for product dispersing, mixing, homogenising and crushing processes

  • Able to pump the product

  • Homogenising, dispersing, suspending, mixing, crystallising and dissolving, and to improve heat exchange in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries

  • Preparation of mayonnaise, sauces, pickles, dissolving powdered food, additives, thickeners, preservatives, homogenisations, cosmetic creams, gels, etc.

  • Reduction of the particles size, destroy coagulations and quick dissolution of solids in liquids

  • Products with high viscosity, distant densities or which are difficult to mix

and blenders

  • Micronisers for high shear rates that produce a completely emulsified product

  • Solid-liquid blenders with optimised design of the blade and suction system for completely homogenised mixtures of powders or granulated products with liquids

  • Emulsifying in several food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical processes

  • High viscosity emulsions

  • Brine preparation

  • Reconstitution of powdered milk

  • Syrup production

  • Dissolution of bentonite, thickeners, sugar, etc.

  • Incorporation of preservatives, additives, agrochemical products, lime, etc.

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