Fire fighting equipment

Fire fighting sets, monitors and lances manufactured under the most demanding Spanish, European and American technical standards and regulations UNE 23500, UNE-EN 12845 (ROC), CEA 4001 / CEPREVEN RT1-ROC and CEPREVEN RT2-ABA

Fire fighting equipment

Fire pump sets · Accessories

Fire fighting booster sets

  • Flow rates from 6 to 2,000 m³/h

  • Pressures from 2 to 20 bar

  • Pump types: axial suction, split chamber, vertical submerged shaft, monoblock, multistage with several impulse outlets

  • Low and medium voltage electric motors up to 500 kw

  • Diesel engines at different rpm up to 850 kw

  • Fire extinguishing facilities where water is used as an extinguishing agent

  • Equipped fire hydrants

  • Fire sprinklers

  • Foam nozzles

  • Cannons

Monitors and lances

  • Manual monitors or self-oscillating control monitors with horizontal rotary movement by lever or handwheel

  • Water or foam supply lances and nozzles

  • Water and foam lances full-flow and atomizing stream, low expansion foam or with vacuum feed

  • Electrical or hydraulical remotely controlled monitors and lances

  • Explosion-proof and corrosive environments versions, in bronze for marine or aggressive environments or portable in aluminum

  • Fire protection in marine or aggressive environments

  • Protection of warehouses, oil deposits, refineries, ports,  ships, oil tankers, firefighting vessels and oil platforms

  • Mobile fire fighting equipment, both in forklifts and in vehicles

  • Places that are difficult to access or dangerous for its operation

  • Environments or areas with explosive gas concentration

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