The instrumentation requirements of the water and fluids industry can be fully covered by our process instrumentation and analytics portfolio. Whatever you use level and pressure instrumentation or analytical equipment, you can comply with regulatory guidelines and standards, and make processes more effcient capturing relevant process information

One or multi-parameter meters

Pressure · temperature · air quality · level · density · strenght and weight


  • Gauges with digital or analog indication

  • Pressure transmitters and calibrators

  • Differential pressure switches

  • Inclined or vertical liquid column manometers

  • Relative, absolute, differential, level, positive or negative pressures

  • Gauges with membrane separator

  • Industrial or laboratory applications

  • Chemical, pharma and food industries

  • Measurements in liquids, steam, and gases


  • Digital and portable thermometers

  • Electronic temperature recorders

  • Data collection systems for temperature

  • Measuring ranges from -200 / 1,800 ºC

  • Temperature measurement in laboratories or in industrial processes

  • Industrial, chemical, petrochemical or naval sectors

Air quality meters

  • Portable air quality meters

  • Measurement of CO2, CO, SO2, NO , NO2

  • Highly accurate CO2 measurement with infrared channel sensor

  • Long-term monitoring with calculation of maximum and average values

  • Analysis of the air quality

  • Boiler combustion analysis


  • Capacitive or magnetic level probes

  • Rotary vane level meters for solids

  • Tilting float level regulators

  • Vibrating fork level detectors

  • Ultrasonic level meters

  • Mounts horizontally, vertically, laterally or between flanges

  • Materials in AISI 316L stainless steel, PTFE, PVC and PP

  • Level measurements in solid products such as cement, food products, compound feed, plastic granules, sand, etc.

  • Level measurements in any type of liquid or fluid such as water, alcohol, solvents, gasoline, oils, acids, beverages or chemical products, etc.

Density and viscosity

  • Measurement of liquids and gases

  • Support multiple protocols of transmission

  • Quick verification meter health with intelligent internal diagnostics

  • Processes involving blending, separating, evaporating or product change

  • Percent concentration of a caustic cleaning solution

  • Measuring crude oil density

Strength and weight

  • Load cells with digital indication

  • Compression load cells

  • Accuracies up to +/- 0.05%

  • Measuring capacities from 0...250 Kg to 0...100 Tn

  • Overload capacities 120% of full scale

  • Measurements of both tensile and compressive force

  • Calibration of material testing machines

  • Measurement of static and dynamic loads

  • Hanging scales

  • Process weighings

Water Analysis Instruments On line

Reduce cost and improve quality


  • Measurement of multiple parameters in water alone or in combination: Hardness of water, carbonates, free total chlorine and chlorine dioxide, bromine Br2, chromate and Chromium VI, iron, sulfites and others

  • Different reagents available

  • Online measurement and control of water quality in treatment facilities

  • Steam generators in boiler rooms

  • Water treatment facilities for descaling and / or reverse osmosis

  • Food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and in the medical sector


  • Instruments that combine control and analysis functions

  •  Fully automated regeneration of water softening plants

  • Designed to operate and control water dosing and treatment facilities

  • Control devices for fully automatic operation of reverse osmosis water treatment plants

  • Control of simplex, alternate duplex, parallel duplex or serial duplex softeners, for fully automatic regeneration

  • Reverse osmosis with 1 or 2 pumps


  • Devices to measure the conductivity or dry residue of filters

  • Control devices for refrigeration circu its

  • Automatic desalination device with integrated dual biocide dosing control

  • Monitoring and regulation of industrial process water circuits

  • Monitoring of cooling towers and boiler feed water

Test kits

  • Quick dosing kits for water hardness, adjusted to limit values  

  • Colorimetric analysis kits for parameters such as aluminum, iron, copper, chlorine, nitrates and many others

  • Treatment of industrial water, swimming pools

  • Regulatory examinations in water and boiler feed fields

  • Monitoring of reverse osmosis facilities, aquarium maintenance and various wastewater controls for conducting on-site checks

  • Dialysis stations of hospitals

Specialists in

pumping equipment , water treatment and sewage purification

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