Drum vacuum and manual pumps

Drum emptying pumps and manual pumps are pumps that are used to empty containers quickly, efficiently and safely and, in the case of the latter, economically, since they do not need electricity for their operation. The dangers of inhaling toxic fumes, spilling liquids or exposing yourself to injury make using these pumps a must 

Drum vacuum pump Electric

Drum, barrel, carafe and container pumps

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Light and transportable electric pumps, attachable to drums for the transfer of liquids of low and medium viscosity. They are the ideal transfer kit, easy to assemble and start up with just a few steps. The equipment includes an electric motor  protected against all kinds of splashes and contacts with the liquid

  • Pump with 220V single-phase motor and an aluminum tube body, steel shaft with guides and nylon impeller

  • Includes 2 m hose, high performance drain gun and clamping nut for standard 2” drums

  • Flow rates up to 60 L/min

  • Maximum elevation head 5 m

  • Maximum liquid viscosity 100 cSt

  • Transfer of corrosive, flammable or toxic liquids

  • Oils and greases

  • Fuel and oil deposits of agricultural and industrial machinery

  • Acids

  • Solvents, paints and lacqueres

  • Other process liquids that are delivered in containers

Manual pump Semirotary

Double acting selfpriming hand pumps

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They are ideal for situations where not much power is needed, for transferring small amounts of liquid, or where electrical power is not available. Its ergonomic design allows for practical, simple and effortless operation. The pressure of the fingers on its knob is sufficient to pump liquids manually

  • Double acting selfpriming semirotary hand pumps

  • In cast iron construction

  • Flow rates up to 5,100 L/h

  • Maximum lifting head 20 m

  • Viscosities up to 8,800 cPs

  • Dispensing from drums, barrels, tanks or containers

  • Wide variety of fluids as water, petrol, oil, alcohol and acetone

  • Irrigation or garden use

  • Garage use, transport or filling stations

  • Supplying fuel to industrial or marine engines and generating sets

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