High pressure

The best industrial high-pressure piston pumps. Quality, long life, low maintenance and high reliability are the normal characteristics of our pumps. Every single component of this pumps are engineered, manufactured and tested to meet and exceed the rigorous demands of the market 

High pressure pump  Standard Line

Piston pumps

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High pressure pumps has twin seals with intermediate, low pressure chamber to keep the pumped water seals cool and lubricated. This system also enables any leakage through the high pressure seal, if worn, to be put back into circulation. Connecting rods in special alloys with low friction coefficient, high resistance to wear and high anti-seizure properties

  • High pressure pumps in brass, nickel aluminum bronze, 304, 316 or duplex stainless steel

  • Designed to simplify routine maintenance

  • Flow rates up to 165 L/min

  • Pressures up to 1,000 bar

  • Temperatures up to 65 ºC

  • Professional pressure washers for cleaning jobs

  • Car wash tunnels and misting systems

  • Municipal cleaning services and fire fighting systems

  • Maintenance and cleaning systems for ships, shipyards and industrial plants

  • Machines in the industrial and construction sectors

High pressure booster sets

Custom assembly

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Each custom system is built to meet the needs of the individual customer. You can choose from different types fo power sources, like electric motor, diesel, hydraulic or pneumatic. Each system includes safety and pressure regulation valves, among other accesories, to optimize performance. Every system is designed, built, and pressure tested to verify performance

  • Pump drives include electric motor, gas/diesel engine, hydraulic, and pneumatic

  • Flow rates up to 165 L/min

  • Pressures up to 1,000 bar

  • Temperatures up to 65º C

  • Pressure cleaning and injection

  • Wet sand toss

  • Desalination plants and hydrostatic tests

  • Boiler filling, humidification and fire fighting systems

  • Chemical and oil industry

High pressure washer  Tecnopress Line

High pressure pumps with electric motor on trolley

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Professional mobile high pressure cleaning equipments with electric motor and integrated ceramic piston pumps. Speed transmision and reduction by pulley and V-belt system. By request stainless steel cart and lance, and nylon wheels

  • Accesories: detergent tank, high pressure hose, lance and nozzle

  • Venturi for sandblasting as an option

  • On request trolley and lance in stainless steel and nylon wheels

  • Flow rates up to 1,542 L/h

  • Pressures up to 248 bar

  • Removal of stains, posters, paint, stripping, oxide layers, etc.

  • Cleaning of buildings exterior surfaces, walls, doors, scaffolding, hydro-sandblasting, paints removal, cement, walls plastering, garbage containers washing and street cleaning

  • Removal of algae, shells, scale and limescale on ships and around

Specialists in

pumping equipment , water treatment and sewage purification

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