Live fish handling pumps

Fish handling systems are specially designed for the safe transfer of live or dead fish, without causing any damage, keeping them in the water all time and maintaining the same quality from the net to the land

Live fish handling Pump  Vacuum Line

Based on the pressure / vacuum principle

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Specially designed for not cause any harm to the fish, even for delicate species such as sea bream, sea bass, salmonids or sardines, among others. They have a high yield and use a minimal amount of water. In addition to the pump, they include a fish / water separator, chute for collecting the fish, control panel, and suction and discharge accessories

  • Available in different capacities, from single to double tank systems, and mobile solutions installed on truck

  • Vacuum tank volume from 250 to 4,500 L

  • Capacities up to 300 Ton of fish per hour

  • Materials in stainless steel AISI-316 for sea water

  • Transfer of live or dead fish ideal for fish farming or used on board and/or in harbor

  • Transfer of squid ring, octopus or cephalopods in food industry processes

  • Pumping live fish such as sardines, sardinella, horse mackerels, salmon sprats, herring, trout, sea bass, etc.

Live fish handling Pump  Rotor Line

Transfers fish and water together

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Fish transfer pump by means of an impeller in liquid medium, specifically designed for salmonids and freshwater fish. The water / fish separator together with the adjustable fish suction mouth are standard equipment items

  • Can handle fishes from 5 to 500 gr

  • Fixed installation or on a structure with wheels

  • Easily integrable in fish classification systems

  • The pump is made of anti-corrosion aluminum, the body of stainless steel AISI-316

  • Adjustable loading and unloading heights, up to 6 m

  • Fish handling: transfers to transport vehicles, classifiers, between ponds and from vessel container tanks to land or to a processing chain

  • Designed for fishes such us salmonids, tilapia, catfish, etc

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