Multistage vertical pumps

These multistage centrifugal pumps are of vertical orientation with inline suction and discharge, ideal for installations where space is an issue. Thanks to its multiple impellers, this pump has high pressure capabilities. Designed for the transfer of water and other clean, low viscosity fluids, this model of pump is ideal for water pressure boosting, circulation and transferring across long distances

Multistage Pump  Stainless steel Series

In-line multistage vertical pump

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Vertical multicellular pumps with high performance and silent operation, ideal for pressure equipment or industrial installations. Made of stainless steel, they are designed for use with abrasive waters, such as salt water or water with dissolved acids


  • Temperature range from -15 ºC to 120 ºC

  • Available with different performances and versions that offer flow rates and pressures to meet any application

  • Different material versions: AISI 304, AISI 316 or in titanium

  • Flows up to  244 m³/h

  • Heads up to 362 m

  • Washing systems

  • Refrigeration

  • Fire fighting

  • Boiler feed

  • Air conditioning

  • Hydraulic public works

  • Medium pressure applications for industry

Multistage Pump  Iron Series

In-line multistage vertical pump

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Vertical multi-stage centrifugal pumps very suitable for forming pressure sets with variable frequency drive. Silent pumps with great hydraulic performance. Suction and drive chambers, motor support and cou pling in cast iron, impellers and diffusers in injected Noryl


  • Temperatures up to 50 ºC

  • Suction and drive chambers in cast iron

  • Easy access mechanical seal

  • Flows up to  50 m³/h

  • Heads up to 160 m

  • Pressure installations

  • Jockey pump in fire-fighting units

  • Public utilities : water supply and district heating solutions

  • Agriculture: irrigation systems solutions

  • Aquaculture: water transport solutions

  • General industry: water supply, pressure boosting including boiler feeding, washing equipment

Multistage Pump Systems Pressure sets  

With vertical or horizontal pumps

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Pressure booster system is a set designed for automatic water supply where there is a need for constant pressure to meet the variable demand of the water supply. We have pressure groups of 1 to 4 parallel connected pumps with direct start, star-delta, soft start or frequency inverter


  •  Composition: pumps over base wit outlet collector, stop and non return valves, pressure switches, membrane tank and electrical control box

  • Alternative Starts and In addition operations

  • All electric panels include a synoptic panel with red thermal trigger and green running warning lights

  • Deliveries up to 640 m³/h

  • Heads up to 160 m

  • Commercial heating and water pressure boosting

  • Water supply for hospitals or high-rise apartment blocks and other commercial or industrial facilities

  • Water reuse, drinking water treatment and irrigation

  • Municipal water supply

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