Progressive displacement

Progressive displacement selfpriming pumps run at peak performance wherever you need to convey demanding products at large lift and over long distances, or where high dosage accuracy is called for. This pumps are employed in a number of different industries, for example biogas production, waste water systems, ship building and mechanical engineering and in the paper and chemicals industry  

Azcue Pump KL/KB Series

Progressive cavity helical pump

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Two pump series are available — KB and KL series pumps. A wide range of models and sizes and a modular pump design guarantee individual conveyance solutions which are perfectly matched to your specific application requirement. The KB is a more compact version than the KL


  • Maximum differential pressure 48 bar

  • Temperature range -10 ºC to 100 ºC

  • Flowrate 10 l/h - 560 m³/h

  • Viscosity up to 200,000 cP

  • A wide range of sizes and rotor/stator geometries make it possible to create over 100 different vers ions

  • Dispersion paints, latex colors, glues, plaster paints, pigments

  • Flocculants, polymers, lime milk

  • Industrial chemicals and detergents

  • Bentonite suspensions, drilling fluids, plaster slurry, carbon flotation slime

  • Agricultural sludge

  • Crude oil, biodiesel, rapeseed oil

  • Sludge and raw water pumping

  • PVC compounds, tensides, polyurethane adhesives, dispersion agents for glues or galvanic sludge

  • Domestic and industrial waste water, excess sludge, digested sludge, thickened sewage sludge

Screw  pumps

Progressive cavity screw pump

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Pumps for clean oily or lubricating liquids that can have two or three spindles. The pumps are selfpriming, have excellent performance and low noise level. The operation is continuous, almost free of pulsation, turbulence or fluid separation. Low requirement of N.P.S.H.

  • Flow rates up to 1,250 m³/h

  • Pressures up to 120 bar

  • Selfpriming and suction lift up to 8.5 m

  • Temperatures from -10º to 180º C

  • Viscosity up to 15,000 cSt

  • For pumping fuel, oils in general, waxes, fats, tars and bitumens

  • Crude petroleum, polyol, isocyanates, paints or varnishes

  • Corrosive liquids and even with moderate abrasiveness

  • Other high and low viscosity fluids

Eccentric spindle  pumps

Helical rotor pumps

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The operation of this type of pump is based on the eccentric movement of the rotor or helical screw inside a stator or static part, thus moving the pumped product in a continuous and constant way. Ideal for the transfer of fluids with fragile solids, and suitable for viscous and abrasive fluids 


  • Available in various materials, cast iron or stainless steel for the body. Various materials for rotor and stator

  • Reversible and easy to maintain

  • Trouble-free handling of suspended solids or fluids with up to 7% solids content

  • Vertical or horizontal installation, according to needs

  • Quiet operation

  • Designed for self-priming and a suction lift of up to 8.5 meters

  • Pumping fluids that require special care in their transfer such as: wines, musts, oils, juices, ...

  • Wastewater treatment or bilge water on ships

  • Complicated products such as mud, resins, varnishes, must, grape bunches, jams or preserves

  • Sludge treatment, chemical industry, agriculture, mining, cosmetic, pharmaceutical or food industry

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