Selfpriming side channel pumps

Side channel pumps, or liquid ring pumps, as they are otherwise known, are popular in low flow/high head applications where clean fluid is handled. They are also capable of dealing with a mixture of liquid and gas. The side channel pump design has characteristics of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps

Azcue Pump  SP Series

Multistage selfpriming pump

Azcue Pump SP Series MA

MA execution


  • Threaded connection

  • Monobloc

  • Flows up to 3 m³/h

  • Heads up to 60 m

Azcue Pump SP Series MO

MO execution 


  • Oval flange connection

  • With coupling to electrical motor

  • Flows up to  9 m³/h

  • Head up to 225 m

Azcue Pump SP Series BR

BR execution


  • Coupling on bench

  • Round flange connection

  • Flows up to 45 m³/h

  • Head up to 225 m

Azcue Pump SP Series BO

BO execution


  • Coupling on bench

  • Oval flange connection

  • Flows up to 45 m³/h

  • Heads up to 225 m

The multistage design enables one or several stages assembly. The discharge pressure is directly related to the number of stages. Therefore, the side channel pumps achieve high discharge pressures at low rotating speeds and with much less stages than multistage centrifugal pumps


  • Industry in general:

  • Fuel, petrol, nafta, kerosene, diesel-oil

  • Boiler feeding

  • Chemical products, emulsificated fluids, etc.

  • In general, all kind of clean liquids with difficult
    suction conditions

  • Marine industry:

  • Fresh water and sea water sanitary services

  • Sanitary hot water circulation

  • Condensed water extraction on fresh water

Azcue Pump  RA Series

Bidirectional selfpriming pump

Azcue Pump RA Series

Selfpriming side channel type pumps, designed to work with clean liquids without solid in suspension, and bidirectional execution. The pumps can be driven by pulley and v-belt directly or through a friction mechanical clutch. The shaft spins into a couple of widely dimensioned grease lubricated bearings


  • High selfpriming capacity in minimum time for a wide range of rotational speeds

  • Compact design, with extraordinary perfomance for its small size

  • Minimum and easy maintenance due to its robust design

  • Flows up to 18 m³/h

  • Heads up to 60 m

  • Dewatering in small and medium-sized vessels

  • Marine industry: sea water circulation in propulsion or auxiliary engines, deck washing, etc.

  • Transfer of wines, spirits and similars

  • Can handle liquids with gases

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