Selfpriming screw pumps

Screw pumps, part of the positive displacement pump family, are most commonly utilised for the transfer of fluids with lubricating properties such as fuel, oils and lube oil. The screw pump is a versatile pump as it is able to handle fluctuating flow rates and pressures without losing efficiency

Azcue Pump BT Series

Vertical and horizontal executions

Azcue Pump BT Series

These selfpriming positive displacement pumps have three spindles, one driving and two idle. The spindle rotation creates many sets of moving seals from suction to discharge. This pumping design and construction enables a noiseless fluid handling without pressure pulsations and turbulences. Therefore they can rotate at high rotation speeds with high reliability


  • Designed to work with fluids at high temperatures (160 °C)

  • Cast iron body, nitrided steel spindles

  • Lubricated with the driven liquid itself

  • Viscosities from 2 to 1500 cSt

  • Flows up to 450 m³/h

  • Head up to 160 m

  • Ideal for pumping all kinds of lubricated oils and fuels

  • Low viscosity fuel

  • Clean, lubricating and not corrosive to ferrous metals liquids

  • Main forbidden fluids: water, alcohols, benzol or dilute acids

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