Compact treatment plants and tanks

The most complete range of compact separators, tanks, rainwater harvesting systems, stormwater attenuation tanks and wastewater treatment systems for domestic and commercial applications

Storage and treatment plants Compact Line

Polypropylene or GRP

Storage tanks

  • Made of GRP or Polypropylene

  • Different shapes: spherical, cylindrical, rectangular, horizontal or vertical

  • Surface or buried installation

  • Capacities up to 120,000 liters

  • Resistant to UV radiation

  • Possibility of manufacturing double wall or isothermal

  • Great mechanical resistance and absolute tightness

  • Special tanks for diesel or fuel

  • Storage of all types of liquids:
    water, wine, liquors, acids, chemical fertilizers, etc.

  • Suitable for alimentary use or not

Small wastewater treatment plants

  • Manufactured in polyethylene anti-UV, which confer insensitivity to corrosion

  • Absence of unpleasant odours

  • Silent mini-blower with low power consumption

  • Control system for automation

  • BOD5 reduction around 90/95%

  • CE Marking according EN 12566-3

  • Integrates an activated sludge system and a secondary settling, appropriated to the treatment of domestic wastewater

Septic tanks

  • Treatment of domestic wastewater through the combination of decantation, anaerobic digestion and biological filtration processes

  • Made of Polypropylene or GRP
    Capacities up to 75,000 liters

  • Standard EN 12566-3 and CE marking

  • Reduce BOD5 by 45%

  • Optional biological filter

  • Reception and treatment of domestic and assimilable wastewater

  • Hot els and small businesses

Separators Compact Line

Without energetic consumption

Grease separators

  • Made in Polyethylene, manual cleaning and buried installation

  • Sludge trap built-in

  • Separation of immiscible liquids from water, with a retention of up to 90% (UNE-EN 1852-2 standard)

  • Without odors with a correct ventilation

  • CE Marking according EN 1825-1

  • Compact kitchen equipment available

  • Appropriated to separate greases and oils of vegetable and animal origin from wastewater

  • Necessary installation in restaurants, industrial kitchens, hotels, community areas, mechanical workshops, etc.

Sand separators

  • Separate sand and sludge by sedimentation in multi-compartment tanks

  • Made in Polyethylene, manual cleaning and buried installation

  • High mechanical resistance and corrosion protection

  • Light and easy to install and maintain

  • Custom inlet and outlet pipes

  • Up to 120,000 liters capacity

  • Wastewater treatment plants

  • Small tourist complexes, temporary camps, schools, restaurants and bars, canteens, sport complexes, small business

Hydrocarbon separators

  • Designed to separate hydrocarbons and oils of mineral origin (non-vegetable or emulsions) whose density is equal to or lower than 0.95 g/cm3

  • Yield: reduction of 90% (UNE-EN 858)

  • Class 1: with coalescing cell for residual contents less than 5 mg/L and Class 2 for residual contents less than 100mg/L

  • Equipped with shut-off valve to prevent spills

  • Aerial/buried installation with sand trap

  • Service stations, mechanical workshops, parking lots, car wash areas, etc.

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