Industrial waste water treatment plants

Wastewater treatment plants built with the most proven technology to treat all types of industrial wastewater - specializing in food and beverage, aquaculture and canning -, reducing the amount of waste released into the environment and meeting the effluent regulations

Sewage treatment plants Industrial Line

Modular solutions for dealing with any wastewater flow

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Previous studies of the effluent are necessary to be able to carry out a professional assessment, in which a suitable installation is proposed to the client's needs. We have a range of process technologies that can be combined in a modular arrangement to deal with any type of food processing wastewater


SANDE Y DÍAZ has specialized in wastewater treatment for some specific sectors, and for small and medium-sized plants

  • Aquaculture

  • Fish and vegetable canning industry

  • Fish processing plants

  • Dairy industries

  • Wine sector

  • Food and beberage industry in general

  • Mining

  • Pretreatments: solids separation using manual or automatic screens, sieves, screws, etc.

  • Filtration

  • Physico-chemical treatments: flocculation, coagulation, decantation, dissolved air flotation (DAF), sedimentation, stripping, ion exchange, adsorption, etc.

  • Aerobic and anaerobic treatments, UASB granular bed reactor

  • Conventional activated sludge

  • Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) processes

  • Membrane technology (MBR) processes

  • Thickening, drying and management of chemical and biological sludge

  • Tertiary treatments: disinfection, filtration, etc.

Specialists in

pumping equipment , water treatment and sewage purification

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