Waste water treatment plants 

SANDE Y DÍAZ offers all the solutions in terms of pre-treatment, primary, secondary and tertiary treatments, and sludge thickening, digestion and dehydration to provide a comprehensive service in urban wastewater treatment plants


Bar screening, straining, grit removal or grease removal 

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A pre-treatment is necessary in order to condition wastewater for subsequent treatment, as well as to protect equipment and pipelines against blockages and obstructions caused by solid waste, sand and grease. The following constitute pre-treatment operations that can appear in a water treatment plant

Coarse screening
  • We are well aware that success of a treatment plant depends on a thorough and functional pretreatment, which facilitates purification in the following stages

Manual bar screen with rake

Automatic circular bar screen

Automatic straight bar screen

Sieve screw

Rotary sieve

Sand separator

Fat concentrator

Dissolved air flotation

Primary, secondary and tertiary treatments

Physical, biological and chemical procedures

Physical-chemical treatment

  • Wastewater treatment uses chemical and physical processes to solve specific problems

  • Solids separation through sedimentation

  • Clarification

  • Flocculant and coagulant procedures

  • Neutralization to adjust the pH value

  • Oxidation processes to remove difficult biodegradable compounds

Biological treatment

  • Biological wastewater treatment is an economical means of removing organic contaminants from wastewater

  • Aerobic systems

  • Anaerobic biological treatments

  • Coarse and fine bubble diffused aeration systems

  • Sequence Batch Reactor processes (SBR)

  • Rotating Biological Contactors (RBC) Systems or fixed biomass processes

  • Membrane technology systems (MBR)

Tertiary treatment

  • It affords the peace of mind of knowing that the treated wastewater is clean, sanitary, compliant with regulations and safe enough

  • Sand and activated carbon filters

  • Disinfecting by chlorine or ultraviolet light treatment

  • Lagoon storage

  • Biological nutrient removal

  • Nitrogen and phosphorus removal

Sludge treatment

Thickening, digestion and dehydration

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We have all the necessary equipment for the treatment of sludge in a WWTP, from aboveground or buried sludge thickeners to decanter centrifugues, polymer preparation units or centrifugal separators

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