Constructed entirely with top quality synthetic materials, Cintropur filters are perfectly suitable for food products and drinking water. Its centrifugal propeller transforms the dynamics into a centrifugal movement, precipitating heavy particles at the bottom of the glass, while the filter cloth ensures the final filtration according to the chosen micron size

Cintropur filters  NW Series

Domestic and Industrial Lines

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Mechanical filter for domestic and industrial uses in the treatment of clear and lightly charged water. Filtration with virtually no accumulation, low pressure drop, high and constant flow rate, high degree of self-cleaning, with quick and easy internal purging

  • Liquid filter with centrifugal prefiltration

  • Flow rates up to 32 m³/h

  • Head in polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass

  • Transparent glass fiber reinforced SAN vessel

  • Working pressure: 10 bar

  • Nylon filter meshes: 150 to 300 μm

  • Polyester filter meshes: 5 to 100 μm

  • NW280, NW340, NW400, NW500, NW650 and NW800 models include pressure gauge

  • Filtration of tap water in domestic and industrial applications

  • The treatment of rainwater, well water and spring water 

  • Sanitary protection of water fed to the public

  • Treated water pre filtration using softeners, reverse osmosis systems and any other purification systems

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pumping equipment , water treatment and sewage purification

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