Double basket filters

The filter consists of two filter chambers in which a screen basket filter can be inserted as a filter element and they are designed for applications where continuous flow must be maintained whilst cleaning filter baskets. Flow through the filter element is from the inside to the outside. The separated solids remain in the stainless steel screen basket and the filter element can be removed quickly and easily

Double basket filter 

Casted and fabricated filters

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Contamination indicators, which monitor the differential pressure, can be used to determine the condition of the screen basket filter at any time for applications in all kinds of liquids, fresh water, sea water, chemical acids, lubricating oils or fuel oil

  • Pressure range: PN6 - PN16

  • Sizes: DN25 - DN400

  • Connections: flanged or threaded

  • Materials: cast iron, carbon steel or bronze

  • Optionally including differential pressure indicator, magnets and heating jacket

  • Can be coated internally and externally

  • Machinery and instrumentation protections such as pumps, flowmeters, nozzles, gauges, analysers, etc.

  • Continuous cooling of motors, molds or process machines

  • Continuous filtration processes in tight spaces

  • Continuous filtration for lubrication systems, fuels, etc.

  • Processes where cleaning is frequent, to minimize downtime

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