Chemical and biological products and beds

Chemical, biological and bedding products in a wide range of approved containers, from 5 Kg carafes to large capacity trucks, that meet the strictest security measures in terms of transport and packaging, for industrial applications and water purification and treatment

Chemical, biological and bedding products

for water treatment


  • Chemical products for all types of water treatment: purification, industrial conditioning, swimming pools

  • Polyelectrolytes

  • Specific flocculants and coagulants

  • Biodispersants

  • Oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides

  • Food grade and industrial antifouling

  • Anticorrosive and antifoam

  • Specific products for swimming pools

  • Cleaning and maintenance products for reverse osmosis membranes

Biological products

  • Biological products, non-pathogenic or toxic

  • Living microorganisms that form a population of facultative bacteria of the aerobic, anaerobic, chemosynthetic and photosynthetic type

  • Phototropic microorganisms (activated by light) and natural enzymes

  • Beneficial, not harmful to the environment, people and animals

  • Bacteria to degrade and decompose organic matter

  • Microorganisms for the reduction of bad odors, sludge formation and improvement of effluent parameters


  • Filter media to remove contaminants from water such as suspended matter, pesticides, iron, manganese, arsenic, trihalomethanes, chloramines, other organic compounds, etc.

  • Low, medium, high and very high load trickling filters

  • Beds of different granulometries

  • Sylex, gravel, birm, calcite, crystals, pyrolusite, turbidex, diatoms, bayoxide

  • Filtering anthracite and natural zeolite

  • Resins for deionizing filters, polyphosphates, activated carbons and garnets

  • High efficiency vitreous beds

  • Municipal, residential and agricultural wastewater treatment

  • Bioremediation of groundwater and contaminated soils

  • Wastewater from heavy industry: chemical, petroleum, textile and pharmaceutical

  • Bad odor control

  • Fish farm, swimming pools, aquaculture, agriculture and livestock

  • Cleaning and maintenance of facilities and floors

  • Reduction of biological and chemical oxygen demands and suspended solids

  • Septic tanks and domestic installations

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