Submersible pumps are a type of fluid transfer pump that is completely submerged in the liquid to pump. With its hermetically sealed motor attached to the pump body, a submersible pump works by pushing fluid to the surface rather than pulling it up. They are ideal for efficient removal of wastewater or aggresive and abrasive liquids as well as in deep wells.

Submersible pump Drainage line 

Clean water submersible pumps

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Designed for low-flow in domestic, commercial or industrial applications. They are simple pumps for light uses, with clear water and with reduced solids passage, both in single-phase version with float switch and three-phase


  • Made in polypropylene-polyethylene or water-resistant techno polymer as well as stainless steel

  • Equipped with a float switch for automatic start and stop the pump, and check valve on the discharge as an option

  • Maximum flow rates 16 m³/h

  • Heads up to 36 m

  • Maximum immersion 10 m

  • Water temperature up to 40º C

  • Clean water, ideal for use in storm water systems and irrigation networks

  • Pumping water from tanks, ponds, wells and in places where low pressure is required

  • Baling filtrations in cellars, garages, basements, pool emptying...

  • Submersible pumps for fixed and portable use

Submersible pump Well line 

Pencil-shape submersible pumps

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Submersible multistage electric pumps completely in corrosion-resistant stainless steel, with high hydraulic performance, and pencil-shaped for wells with diameters of 3", 4", 6 "or 8". Ideal for applications including groundwater supply, irrigation, groundwater lowering and pressure boosting


  • Diameters of 3", 4”, 6" or 8"  with multiple impellers

  • Support, engine and upper body in stainless steel

  • Flow rates up to 72 m³/h

  • Heads up to 600 m

  • Water temperature up to 40º C

  • Maximum content of sand in water 50 gr/m³

  • Test acording ISO 9906

  • Recommended for elevation, distribution and pressurisation in civil and industrial hydraulic installations

  • Assembly in pressure units, cisterns, irrigation, washing systems, etc.

  • Domestic and civil water supply, irrigation, fire-fighting, industrial applications and pressure systems

Submersible pump Sewage line 
High Performance in Waste Water Pumping

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Pumps designed for pumping municipal and industrial wastewater, sewage, effluent, and liquids containing solids and fibers. With single-vane, multi-vane, and vortex impellers available with large solids passages, motors from 1 hp to 500 hp, the sewage line can fit your pumping needs


  • A wide range of single-vane, multi-vane, and vortex impellers designed for heavy duty operation 

  • Pumps in G25 high strength cast iron

  • Available with FM approval for hazardous locations

  • Water temperature up to 50º C, depending on the model

  • Temperature and leakage sensors installed in the bigger models

  • Evacuation of loaded water containing gases or soft solids in suspension

  • Ideal for use in septic tanks and Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Draining dirty waters and waters that are generally loaded

  • Raise clear and lightly loaded or sandy waters to great heights

  • Fountains, irrigation, wells, cisterns, fire fighting equipment, etc.

Submersible pump Grinder line 
Submersible Pumps with Cutter System

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Grinder pumps utilize an innovative, hardened cutter system to shred soft solids and stringy materials outside of the pump to prevent clogging. This pumps are ideally suited for residential, domestic, and municipal wastewater, as well as high-head applications


  • Available from 1 hp to 15 hp

  • Pumps in G25 high strength cast iron

  • Maximum flow rates 65 m³/h

  • Heads up to 62 m

  • Temperature and leakage sensors installed as standard

  • Lifting and decanting dirty waste civil and industrial waters

  • Commercial and domestic wastewater

  • Flood control

  • Wastewater transport

Submersible pump Stainless steel line 

For the most aggressive applications

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These pumps are constructed with solid 316 or duplex stainless steel castings and offer hydraulic performances identical to their cast-iron counterparts, for aggressive and corrosive liquids, particularly recommended for sea water and the civil, industrial and sanitary sectors


  • Submersible pumps in AISI-316 or duplex stainless steel

  • Flow rates up to 120 m³/h

  • Heads up to 85 m

  • Water temperature up to 40º C

  • Pumping of aggressive and corrosive liquids, in particular for the drainage of liquids coming from chemical plants

  • Pumping waste waters such as biological silts

  • Pumping sea water

  • Waters with residues from leather and paper industries, slaughterhouses, pharmaceutical laboratories, livestock waste, hospitals, warehouses ...

Submersible pump Dewatering line 

Drainage of cloudy and sandy waters

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This line of drainage pumps is designed for pumping dirty water, clean water, and water with abrasive solids. They are designed for application in building sites, wells, tunnels, irrigation, and on ships


  • Several materials like stainless steel or cast iron

  • Available with stainless steel components for use in aggressive mediums such as seawater

  • Flow rates up to 37 m³/h

  • Heads up to 20 m

  • Water temperature up to 35º C

  • Draining, lifting or transfer of sandy, muddy or sludgy water

  • Pumping ground water, rain water, fountain water, clean waste water and river or lake water

  • Water containing solid bodies with maximum dimensions 12 mm

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